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I personally love beeing tagged beecause I get to talk about myself AND  I am very full of my self. But I forget to do it a lot of the time. So yeah. I'm doing this now.

Tagged by: :iconmayjorose: AND :iconspooky-account:

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry!

Ok here - wait I clicked un-bold but its still bold. this is not what I wanted. Ok , fine whatever here are the facts:

1.I cannot figure out how to properly un-bold something apparently.
2. I'm really cool AND I'm also the best. 
3.I'm not really that cool or the best. I lied. BUT I could be if I worked hard on it and beelieved in myself.
4.Something you may not know about me is that i am having a really hard time thinking up facts about myself despite constantly beeing/thinking about myself so I should have a lot of facts about me stored around here somewhere but all I know is that my cat is sleeping in the towel cupboard and everyones pretty ok with it.
5.My cats name is Pika and I love her a lot.
6.I've got some ideas. I think these ideas are ok. I think these might work if I actually do something. I gotta do something. I gotta run I GOTTA GO. I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE WE HAVE TO DO THIS TO-DAY. lets go.

8.Ok, spooky, let me tell you something. When I was in grade school I was in a band called Gravy'd Liscense Plates and none of us played instruments or sang we just hid in the bushes until teachers got mad at us for hiding in the bushes. Also I used to pick up airsoft gun pellets off the ground and collect them cuz they gave me good vibes.
9. I might come back later and tell you guys cool new facts about me that might be old facts about me but facts that I have remembered and you wont even know you'll just be like oh my goodness new facts about lawleitspuppy just what I've always wanted I care so much abo-
JTHM by Lawleitspuppythis is my most popular drawing for some reason.I was really hoping that my most popular drawing would be my thomasxtwi ship art but its not :( but I think its my second most popular drawing so thats good.

here are May's questions(from like, november or something):

1. If you had the chance to ride a unicorn, would you?
Sure. Who wouldn't?

2. If you could be any were-animal, what animal would you choose?
bat/sloth/anteater/opossum/wolf/praying mantis..Wait all of them . All of the animals.

3. Do you understand all the talk about why 42 is the answer to life?
Isnt that a joke from from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy or something I dont even remember. I dont even care.

4. Do you own any pets, animal or otherwise?
Ehhhhhhh Best Dumb Cat by Lawleitspuppyalso my non-animal pet is this pizza box who is now my loving and adored pet, beatrice the cardboard cat.

5. Have you ever been referred to by the name of your favorite fictional
Yes? Maybe>...??? I Think??

6. Do you have a favorite foreign band?
I have no idea.

7. Be honest: is your handwriting good or bad?
It depends If I'm trying or not

8. What is the most American food you can think of? (preferably ones that are shippable to other countries... XD)
are circus peanuts an american thing because those are terrrible. 

9. Do you have any weird, simple psychological disorders like misophonia?
What's that one where people see numbers/letters as colors or whatever cuz I have that. I also have other things but that ones kinda weird so I like it.

10. Do you have any desire to live outside of your own country?
Sure. Actually I'm pretty ok with living anywhere that is not hot all the time. As long as it snows and rains I'm ok to live there.

Now its time for Spooky's questions (from like February or something):

  1. Do you think trains live in Heaven?
    For years I thought they did but then I realized this could not be the case, because a trains arm is about the size of a cloud which is roughly the same size as half of heaven so you could imagine that trains are prolly too fat for heaven.

  2. What do you think about Mormons?
    I'm pretty sure I am a mormon but I never go to church so I'm not a very good one.

  3. Your favorite music sound creator?
    uhhh Tom Waits....I also like The Scarring Party and Oingo Boingo and uh a lot of things.

  4. Do you think Goebbels and Obama are related?

  5. What do you think? What is Putin's favorite ice cream flavor?
    i dunno who that is but its probably strawberry because the letter p is pink ...ish brown.

  6. Do you think Lenin liked ducks?
    Everyone likes ducks. They are very beautiful.

  7. Your favorite letter?

    W !!!! !!!!!!!!!

  8. Would you like to have a sloth pet?
    I am a sloth. And I would also Like to have myself as a pet.

  9. If you were box how would you look like?

    Image result for flame casket
  10. Do you have any portal under your bed?
    Yes. I think we all know this to be true, am I right? or am I right.

    my questions: 
    1: Have you found it , yet?
    2:Where are they?
    3:When will she find a job?
    4:What is this?
    5:Which rabbit is the most talented? 
    7:Which rabbit have you actually seen?
    8:Have you seen it?
    9:This is a good number.
    10:Which is your favorite?

    I'LL TAAAAAG (I dunno if any of you have already done this sorry if you have!!):: :iconbrogendart: :iconsammirureka: :iconmiyumicat: 

  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: Jill Tracy
  • Drinking: DON'T DRINK.


sPOOKY CRYING at Jesus (statue) by Lawleitspuppy
sPOOKY CRYING at Jesus (statue)
:iconspooky-account: crying at giant pink jesus(statue). I couldn't draw Jesus. He is undrawable. And also he probably wouldn't want me to draw him. so . I guess it works out ok. Also he is too small. he should be taller but he is not. I'm sorry I failed you all....I'm so sorry....... :''''( 


Lawleitspuppy's Profile Picture
No! I am not made of salad! how could you even think that? I mean we've been friends for about ten minutes and you would betray me like that? you sir are a pig! a foul foul person you are!...Salad HURRUMPH!! Puppeh stamp by LittleWolf10
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It reminded me of you. You should inspect it for me.…
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